PFC Stuart

Member since June 2016


Notes:2RB-042 Stuart has been honorably discharged as of (--/--/--)


Stuart has re-enlisted with the 2nd Ranger Battalion with the rank of Private First Class. (09/11/16)

Awards and Accolades:

Ranger Diamond (--/--/--)

Private First Class Chevron (--/--/--)

 -Private Half-Chevron (Uncased) (--/--/--)

Gold Donation Badge (--/--/--)

Ruptured Duck Lapel Pin (Uncased, Deauthorized) (--/--/--)

American Defense Medal (03/14/16)

Good Conduct Medal (--/--/--)

Army of Occupation Medal (07/18/16)

1 Year Veterancy Citation (09/11/17)