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Greetings Rangers,

The DOW-RC is almost ready to open (Monday) and we are going ahead and getting any units interested in joining the chance to go ahead and fill out a registration form.  Please note that the DOW-RC will allow any unit in the Days of War community to participate in it, but by "registering" you enjoy a few added perks that non-registered units do not get.  These include:
  • Your own individual page on the website.  This page will be extremely useful in your recruiting efforts and your status as a registered unit will not go unnoticed.  Each page will have a graph showing every units "Requirement Levels" in four very important categories that a player seeking a unit to join would find very helpful.  Your graph is constructed based off the answers you give during your unit's registration.
  • Every Registered Unit will have their Public Steam Group Page 's announcements (if they have one) added as a RSS feed to the websites forums to alert all realism players of the community of events or news your unit is hosting.
  • Registered units are also allowed to enter any optional tournaments or leagues the DOW-RC hosts.  We will be running a variety of these types of events in the future, but for now, most of our tournaments will be made up of groups of friends within the DOW-RC making a team together until more Realism Units get involved in Days of War
  • Registered units also get preference to help test any mods and scripts we make for the Realism Community.  Our first project is to recreate the WRM mode seen in COD.  Classic Realism mode as seen in DODS looks to be taken care of by the developers at Days of War so we will hold off on that until we see what the developers construct.

To Register Your Unit, Click Here
**We are hosting the registration form on my units website until we open the DOW-RC.  You can also check to see what your "Recruiting Levels" will be in the email that is sent to you after registering.**

The DOW-RC when opened on Monday will only have it's forums operating.  Our main website hit some delays and we will not be releasing it for another month.  We have ported over all the functions promised by the DOW-RC to the forums so everything will be up and running at least.  We ask that you help us advertise the community to current and future members and realism players you meet in Days of War to help our community grow. 

We have a Steam Group that any can join and can invite fellow realism players to:

Off Topic / Re: DoW Clan List Update and December Activity Push
« on: November 27, 2016, 00:06:29 AM »
Hello again,

I am here to remind you about needing to know if your unit still intends to operate or not in Days of War when it launches at the end of the month. I will be updating the DoW Clan List on Thursday and will need to know by then.

To be considered a "operating", all I need to know is if a person ONLY plays DoW, can they still end up joining your unit or not.  The purpose of the DoW Clan List is for players looking for a clan or unit to join, so naturally, it can only contain groups who are allowing DoW players to join them.  

Also keep in mind, if you cannot decide by Thursday, you can still swing by the DoW forums and have me add you guys at any time.  

Thank you and hope to see you all in game.

Off Topic / DoW Clan List Update and December Activity Push
« on: November 13, 2016, 20:24:32 PM »

I am here to verify if your clan/unit still intends to be actively involved in Days of War and to remain in the "Days of War Clan List" on the Days of War forums.  One of your members posted that your group will be active in it.  Please note that this list can only contain groups who intend to actively recruit and/or compete as a group in Days of War as this is a resource for all new players entering the game who wish to easily browse through a list of clans that they can try to join.  

Because I am verifying the list with many other groups, please go to the link below to inform me if you wish for your group to remain in the list instead of responding here. ... -clan-list

In other news, I along with others in the community are organizing an activity campaign to increase overall activity in Days of War starting on December 1st.  The goal of this campaign is to ensure a healthy and active community at the time of Steam Launch so all soon to be new players will see a active game and increase the chances Days of War will be a success.  Many of you have already put money into being able to back this game and play it first, now we ask you to give up some hours in these final weeks to help get the game activity stable.  We are and will always be looking for anyone interested in helping coordinate this effort.  All information regarding this and the campaign can be found here: ... vity-surge

Thank you for reading and hope to see all of you in Days of War!  Hopefully the best new shooter in the world!

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