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Author Topic: RECRUIT: Harding, Samuel - Pending  (Read 31 times)


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RECRUIT: Harding, Samuel - Pending
« on: April 13, 2019, 16:49:00 PM »
I,Rct. Harding, Samuel, No initials, Samuel. submit my application to enlist with the 2nd Ranger Battalion as a recruit, and by doing so confirm that I have filled out an application on the main website, joined the units Discord server, and undergone an interview with at least one qualified Recruitment Liaison from the 2ndRB's Ranger Training Corps (RTC), and been accepted at the conclusion of that interview.

My Squad is: DP1S3 is Dog Company, First Platoon, Third Squad.
My Squad's Drill time is: 9:00pm EST
My Interviewer was: Bozhinov
My Recruiter was: Bozhinov
My Steam profile is:
My Discord ID, including 4 letter # number is: Sir-Dome#0781

Lastly, I understand that in order to reach the rank of Private:
A recruit must attend three of their assigned Squad Drills (or receive special accommodations by a member of Battalion)
A recruit must have a recruitment thread with no missing information that they and their Squad Leader have responded to.
A recruit must have completed an interview with a qualified Recruitment Liaison and shown presence in the Discord, the Teamspeak, and shown they understand how to put on their tags on steam.
A recruit must have entered the Unit Teamspeak at ( and be a member of the Unit Discord at (

Recruiter was recruited on 4/12/2019
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