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2nd Rangers Battalion "Hell Let Loose" Theater!

The 2nd Rangers Battalion advances into a new theater of operations; with 'Hell Let Loose.' At the helm, in Battalion HQ, Lt Col.Michael Wence and Major Daemon as the Battalion HQ XO; prepare to press forward with a recruitment drive to gain new memberships the moment the game releases in its Alpha stage.Company Leadership consist of 1Lt.Henderson as Company Leader; MSgt.Aldrett as the Company Sergeant.

Foxhole Drills:

Fox Company will officially commence drills Saturday January 13th, 2018 at 1600 hours.(EST) FP1S1 will set the standard for the rest of Fox Co.and show the Foxhole community how it's done.Good luck.Have fun.We will see you on the field.Alright Rangers, "Let's give them something to shoot at!".

Public Affairs Announcment

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Date League 2RB Score OP Score Versus Result
2018-03-25 Scrim 5 5 Tie
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