Recruitment Office

Sorry!You missed the war. In this post-WWII era we have been deactivated.

Thank you for your interest in the 2nd Ranger Battalion. Here at the 2nd Rangers, we pride ourselves on providing a realistic military authentic experience to our members. If you are looking for a strong core of gamer’s with similar interests, the 2nd Ranger Battalion might be for you. We are always looking for dedicated, mature and eager members to join our growing community.


By completing your Enlistment papers to join the 2nd Ranger Battalion you are acknowledging the following:

1. Becoming a 2nd Ranger 

Once your enlistment has been processed, you will be contacted by one our Recruitment Liaisons. They will set up a time for you to under go your interview for acceptance as a Recruit. During this interview, you will be told our Unit Policies, our Ranking Structure and various other types of unit related information. During your Recruit Phase you will be instructed by one of our Squad leaders, as a probationary member of their squad so you can see how are Drills are run. You will not be an idle observer and should expect to fully participate. You will be expected to follow instructions from Squad Leadership at all times.

2. When can I expect after the Recruitment Phase?
Once you complete the Recruitment phase, you will be officially placed into a Platoon and assigned a Squad. You will be welcomed by your Squad Leader and new Squad members. They will provide you with some more information and ensure you are settled into the unit. You will be advised of your Platoon and Squad drill times which we expect our members to attend. We understand real life comes first but our expectation is that you attend as often as possible.

3. Open door policy
We are all volunteers and we all enjoy this hobby. We will not look down on anyone and we pride ourselves on creating a fun gaming environment for all. Although there are ranks and positions which hold  certain responsibilities, you can expect to have your concerns immediately addressed to ensure the unit functions as one machine.


If the 2nd Ranger Battalion sounds like the place for you, fill out those enlistment papers and we will see you on the Battlefield!